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  • Trades More Than Welcome!
  • Please look at contact page and send a e-mail to me before you send some stuff and money. - Lütfen birşey yollamadan önce contact sayfasına bakın ve bana e-mail atın.

  • Fuck You Nazi Scum!!!!!!!!!!!! No Lamers!

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    Gigs and Anarchy Events of the Month - Bu ay olacak konserler ve anarşik aktiviteler
  • 1.02.2004 : KONSER VAR! Gruplar-Bands : Pickpocket (Emocore), Anten (Türkçe sözlü grunge/punk), LifeLock (Hardcore/Punk), Arka Plan (Take A Back Seat). Mekân-Location : Virtual Cafe/Bar (Taksim/İstanbul/Turkey) (drawing) Zaman-Time : 1.Şubat(february).2004 15:00 Ücret-Price : 5 Milyon (1 yerli içki dahil) (nearly 4$ first home product dirnk free) Ayrıntılı Bilgi-More Info :
  • 8.02.2004 : KONSER VAR! Gruplar-Bands : Carpatia (Melodik Metal), Decaying Purity (Grindcore), Clementine,Tearsofhate, ZIB, Pain, Missed Clown (Emo Metalcore), Utopia Mekân-Location : Göztepe Atatürk Fen Lisesi Zaman-Time : 8.Şubat/February.2004 13.00 Ücret/Price : 5 Milyon Bilet temini VOD (Decaying Purity's manager) Ayrıntılı Bilgi-More Info : #decaying purity
  • Not Made In China'nın yeni demosu bu ay geliyor. - Not Made In China's new demo comes in this month. (Hani nerde demo be!!!)
  • Dengesiz Herifler's new demo just coming from ATS2 Distro! - Dengesiz Heriflerin Yeni Demosu ATS2 Distro'dan yakında çıkacak!

  • Olucak konserlerden ve aktivitelerden beni haberdar ederseniz sayfaya koymaktan mutluluk duyarım. If you send me gigs and events of the month, I will be happy and I will add it to site.


    Posted on 19.02.2004
    ATS2 Distro and DIY Label released Dengesiz Herifler - Adam Ol! CD EP and paused to distrobuting the records till July. My trade list resembles ATS2 Distro's Trade List. If you are interrested in a record in ATS2 Distro, I will find it. Please just ask me ok?
    ATS2 Distro and DIY Label, Dengesiz Herifler - Adam Ol! CD EP'yi çıkardıktan sonra Türkiye ve yurtdışı trade ve alışverişlerine ara ÖSS nedeniyle ara verdi. Sadece Türkiye için Release'lerini dağıtıcak olan ATS2 Distro bütün takas olaylarını Attack To Society Distro and DIY Label'a yönlendirdi. Bir şey olursa lütfen sorunuz.
    Distro/Trade List durmadan yenileniyor hiç bir zaman stabil kalmıyor. Lütfen gelişmeler için orayı takip edin. Yurt dışı tradelerinin hızlanması için ve kendi arşivimin büyümesi için bir Want List yapmaya karar verdim. Info bölümü de yakında açılacaktır. Update edilmesi gereken sayfalar yapım aşamasında...

    Posted on 11.02.2004
    01.02.2004 : Sorry I forgot. Pickpocket/Anten/LifeLock/Arka Plan was canceled, because they couldn't find drum-set. I was so bored that day.

    02.02.2004 : I met with Barış and Tufan for new punk band. But sorry my parent are very strict. :( I can't go on and I think we can't understand each other. I said, "I am new at the guitar" and you said "okey lets go to the studio". We got problems. But you should formal a band. I support it. Keep doing it Underground!
    I saw Auron and Scott. We talked a little bit.

    08.02.2004 : I was going to concert at the Göztepe Atatürk Fen Highschool. 14 bands were there (Some alternbative rock bands, some cover bands, 2 metalcore bands, 3 grind/deathmetal bands). We was so enjoy with Decaying Purity. Atilla was there too. He took photos of me, bands and himself. I will upload all of them after I receive all of them. All concert was going 7-8 hours, but we ran away after Decaying Purity (11. or 12. band). I met with a metalcore band (I can't remember the name sorry). Maybe I release their new demo or just distrobute it. It isn't so important to me but keep in underground please. And last thing : Apo sorry! But you talk sooooo much! You fuck my head! Please just think the guy, that you talk!

    11.02.2004 : I am starting up update my site again! I am so busy to update my site and make the fanzine. I got strong new. I study to driving lessons and guitar lessons and sometimes I am so weak after that. I will update my distro list.
    Dengesiz Herifler's new demo just coming from ATS2 Distro! - Dengesiz Heriflerin Yeni Demosu ATS2 Distro'dan yakında çıkacak!

    Posted on 01.02.2004
    29.01.2004 : I just went to barber' and barber cut my hair to mohawk. I am a guy with mohawk hair now.

    30.01.2004 : I met with Umut (Veganarşi Fanzine), Auron (do I write right?), Scott (Vegabond Collective) and some friends of Umut. Scott and Auron are from US and they are travelling to the east. Both of this guys are Vegan and Scott is sXe. They are cool and great guys. I am happy that I met with this guys. We talked each other about anarchy and squads. They gave us great informations. I talked with Scott and gave my e-mail. If he may get Internet while he travel to the east, he write me stories of them and I will add all information to my site and my fanzine. Thank you to Vegaborn Collective!

    01.02.2004 : I am trying to update my site again. I found some fanzines and some albums. Thank you Atilla for fanzines and thank you Paulo (Resposta Simples) your stuff are really cool and don't be afraid we share all of our stuff in Turkish scene. I found a Food Not Bombs video and some Turkish newsletters. Some tapes waiting to copy and add my trade list.
    Dengesiz Herifler's new demo is coming but they are searching a band to make this demo to a split. Please contact with them! Bu arada millet Dengesiz Herifler yakında demo çıkaracaklar ama split şeklinde çıkarmak istiyorlar bir yardım edin adamlara. - Dengesiz Herifler

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  • Intervenzione - Walls Of Shame (punk, No covers no song list just cd-r)
  • The Vegabond Collective - Fear is the Mindkiller (Anarcho punk/hardcore, cd-r covers made in Turkey by Scott)

  • Stay D.I.Y. or D.I.E.

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