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  • Trades More Than Welcome!
  • Please look at contact page and send a e-mail to me before you send some stuff and money. - Lütfen birşey yollamadan önce contact sayfasına bakın ve bana e-mail atın.

  • Fuck You Nazi Scum!!!!!!!!!!!! No Lamers!

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    Attack To Society DIY Distro and Label is a hardcore punk distrobution and small "Do It Yourself" Label based İstanbul, Turkey. This project is one man project and generally sell politic hardcore punk stuff with no profit. It is open all trades and try to push people to make trades.

    By the helping of Radical Noise (and another big hardcore punk bands of Turkey), Extreme Response Prod. and ATS2 DIY Distro I was influenced hardcore punk at spring 2001-summer 2002. I bought my first hardcore punk records from Extreme Response and Hammer Music. After I started to look more stuff.
    The idea was great and I began to make my own DIY Distro&Label at September 2003. After years and years I stand strong and fight back and try to help bands, collectives, people, zine makers ect. to spread their releases to the world. I always try to give a vision to people, who have no idea about punk, politics ect. and try to push them good powerfull music.

    Thanks List
    I want to say THANK YOU to those....
    streetsoccer; S., Z., S., Ç., D., E.;S. & D.; B.; N.; E.;
    Radical Noise; Poster-iTi; Your Kingdom Is Doomed; Lifelock; Spinners; Terror Defence; The X-Possibles; FxPxOx; This Home Is Prepared; Choice Of My Own; Speak Of Our Minds; 10LEC6; Rakkaus; Disharmonic; Dead Chretiens; In Between; Since Yesterday; Noisy Sins Of Insect; Formaldehyde; Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium; Response Simples; Malignant Tumour; Cemiyette Pişiyorum; Crunch; Self Torture; Step On It; Rashit; Nikmat Olalim; 2/5 BZ; Fatstar; Hassas Kantar; J'M'En Fous; Less; Leş; The Poshblokes; UÇK Grind; Anal Extreme; Galbak; Obstructed; Systematisk Terror
    DIY Distros/Labels/Productions/Fanzines-Magazines:
    ATS2 DIY Distro; Extreme Response Productions; Alternative Magazine&Prod.; AMA Tapes; Aldi-Punk DIY Label; Chased By Fear; Empty-Head DIY Label; Loud At Heart; Punkerland Prod.; Fracas Rec.; Sukk Prod.;
    Dış Mihrak; Aparkat, Kuzeyden Aparkat, Noizine, Tiger Aparkat; Sonic Splendour; Katran; Inhuman Interest Dept.; Dahke Fanzine; I feel like Nick Cave; Keep It Real!; Last Breath; Artcore; 156 issue; Artık; Dipnot; Paslı Teneke; Noise Against; Spastik Erol; Veganarşi; Folkzine
    Yeşil Anarşi; RASH Ankara;
    any many many more organizations, activists and hardcore punks....

    We are all mad cows!
    Rest In Peace!!!

    no copyright shit
    Since September 2003