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  • Please look at contact page and send a e-mail to me before you send some stuff and money. - Lütfen birşey yollamadan önce contact sayfasına bakın ve bana e-mail atın.

  • Fuck You Nazi Scum!!!!!!!!!!!! No Lamers!

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  • I will be in England for 1 month in July 2004. Please be patient and send me e-mails I try to answer them! :)
    Temmuz 2004 de 1 aylığına İngiltereye gidiyorum. Lütfen sabırlı olun ve bana e-mail atın cevap vermeye çalışıcağım! :)
  • My tape recorder works again! I have empty tapes too. - Kaset çalarım tekrardan çalışıyor! Boş kasedim de vardır.

  • Posted on 02.09.2004
    Yesterday I got my pictures, which when I was in UK and I understand, that I miss my friends over there. It was really great, that hanged around with London Punks. Thanks to everyone, that support my travel and help me. It was a great experience for me and I learnt a lot of things from another people and punx, but I have still society-phobia :). I start to update the side and trades. I need a job here for paying my bills :/. Thanks for everyone.

    Stay D.I.Y. or D.I.E.

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