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  • Please look at contact page and send a e-mail to me before you send some stuff and money. - Lütfen birşey yollamadan önce contact sayfasına bakın ve bana e-mail atın.

  • Fuck You Nazi Scum!!!!!!!!!!!! No Lamers!

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    2/5 BZ Parçalama VCD diy dance Videos of 2/5 BZ Güzel Records music and interview xerox cover 1 YTL+pp / 1 EU+pp
    2/5 BZ Parçalama DVD diy dance + videos to vcd version Güzel Records music and interview color xerox cover 3 YTL+pp / 3 EU+pp
    Askere Gitme VCD videos of demonastrations videos videos of demonastrations about armee servises Turkish 2 (CD-R+cd sticker) 2 YTL+pp/2 EU+pp
    Extreme Noise Terror - Live at the Fulham Greyhound London, 1989 VCD grindcore Videos of gig have covers Spastik Videoz music CD-R 2 YTL+pp / 2 EU+pp
    Food Not Bombs VCD International Gathering 1995 In San Francisco During The United Nations 50th Anniversary Where Human Rights Were Both Celebrated and Denied a great information of knowing US police Food Not Bombs English CD-R ask
    Sapık İnek - Orgasmic Moron Generation mp3+mpg grindcore mp3s , videos and lyric and histroy of band and pics self released English CD-R ask
    Uygarlığa Karşı - Derleme MPEG+adope acrobat fanzines video/fanzine videos and turkish fanzines from green anarchist from Turkey Yeşil Anarşi Turkish CD-R ask

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